Brian White is an experienced singing teacher who has been teaching in his own studio in Ainslie for more than 20 years. He enjoys teaching and feels privileged to have taught so many students from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and experience.

For a number of years Brian was the convenor of the singing competitions of the Australian National Eisteddfod and the Australian National Aria competitions. He was also president of the Australian National Eisteddfod, and was named a Life Member.

Brian was also the first president of the Canberra Academy of Music and Related Arts, as well as a committee member of Art Song Canberra.

As a continuing precaution against COVID, students are asked to take their shoes off and leave them outside the front door.


“I still use your methods when I sing and you’re always first in my thoughts when tackling new music … I hope your students appreciate what a genius you are.”
Katya Janssens
“Brian has been my maestro since the turn of the century. Now in my 15th year as his student, the richness of this experience continues to accumulate in my understanding of technical aspects of music, a heightened awareness of the poetic depths within a song and a confidence in using my voice in a public forum. Brian expertly and gently guides, strengthening and revealing my hidden potential. I have acquired a varied and rich repertoire of songs in different languages and styles. I leave each lesson with a lightness of spirit and a feeling of deep gratitude.”
Josephine Lolicato
“Brian has been teaching me for 5 years. When I started with Brian I was a real beginner and I recently received a high distinction in the Trinity College London grade 7 exam. His focus is on working with the student to find a natural and sustainable voice and his approach is wide ranging and flexible; when classical techniques are not enough or don’t work for me he provides me with exercises drawn from yoga, Pilates and Bowen technique. He has helped me to understand the relationship between my body and my voice. Brian covers both vocal technique and performance skills. His regular performance workshops have introduced me to a community of singers of all types and interests. He is genuinely excited by his work and his enthusiasm is infectious!”
Helen Fisher
“After many years of not getting around to it I decided to seek out a singing teacher. I found Brian and have now been a student for nearly 5 years. Through his skill and guidance he has taught me how to sing !! and I am forever in his debt. His methodology is both structured and measured which has enabled me to grow in confidence and to undertake challenging pieces which I would have once never ever considered singing.

His regular workshops enabled me to test my skills with his other students and we could all see the growth, progress and development in each of our singing styles. My ability to sing has been the result of learning the technicalities of singing and then applying the performing elements into a style suitable for my voice.

I am now living in New Zealand and am a member of the Napier Civic Choir and singing the Puccini Messa di Gloria as a member of the bass baritone group.

I am thoroughly pleased to have found Brian and he has guided and nourished my love of singing and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of taking up the wonderful art of singing.”

Paul Magin